You'll Shetland

You’ve found your perfect match where the sun barely sets and the Puffin, which partners for life, calls home.

The northern island of Shetland is a thrill-seeker's dream, heavily influenced by the Vikings. Celebrating the Norse heritage of the isles for over 100 years at Up Helly Aa Fire Festival, the annual celebrations are sure to set your heart racing.

A UNESCO GeoPark, Shetland is bursting with dramatic scenery, beautiful crystal-clear blue seas, spectacular wildlife and more to explore!

Like to take the path less travelled? Then hop on a ferry to ‘the edge of the world’ and sail to the remote isle of Foula, 20 miles west of Shetland mainland. Home to around 35 islanders, thousands of birds, hundreds of hardy and colourful Foula sheep, Shetland ponies and even its own sub-species of field mouse - it is an island rich with folklore and history and has a strong musical tradition.

If the key to your heart is through your stomach, then be sure to sample the best mussels in Britain on Shetland, an island also famous for locally sourced and produced seafood, lamb and beef.