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Double Clan Points Offer

Choose Loganair when you fly between Teesside and Aberdeen, and get double Clan Points! That means you could earn a Clan Reward Flight in as little as 

  • 8 flights in Fly 
  • 5 flights in Fly Flex
  • 3 Flights in Fly Flex+

Hurry though, book by 30th November!

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Clan Loganair

Make the most of your commute and join Clan Loganair, it's as easy as 1,2,3

  • Fly regularly with us
  • Be rewarded with points per flight
  • Turn your points into flights

What's even better is that you are even rewarded when you take advantage of our lowest fares!

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Terms and Conditions

Simply sign-in to your Clan Loganair account when making a booking and you'll be credited with double points when you travel on our Teesside-Aberdeen route. "Double Clan Points" are defined as twice as many Clan Points you would usually earn on a single flight between Teesside and Aberdeen, that is; 

  • 500 Points per one-way journey in Fly (instead of the usual 250)
  • 800 Points per one-way journey in Fly Flex (instead of the usual 400)
  • 1600 Points per one-way journey in Fly Flex+ (instead of the usual 800)

Double Points are only applicable to customers booked between 1st October - 30th November.

Our Clan Points redemption policy remains unchanged as per the standard terms and conditions of Clan Loganair