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From hiking to watch the sunrise, cycling amongst picturesque locations and walking through the countryside, Donegal is the perfect place for any adventure seeker. Whether you’re a beginner surfer, a pro-cyclist, or just enjoy the outdoors, it has an ideal amount of experiences for a long or short break in the North-West of Ireland!

Experience Donegal

It might be time to add walking alpacas to your bucket list! (and then cross it off in The Wild Alpaca Way in Donegal) – no need to go to Peru to see these furry creatures! The Wild Alpaca Way is on Donegal’s Inishowen peninsula – an incredibly picturesque part of Donegal. Enjoy trekking with a herd of Alpacas around Ireland’s most northerly point. Whilst in Donegal, you can’t miss watching the sunrise from the summit of Errigal, seeing the Donegal landscape slowly being revealed in the early morning. It’s definitely worth the hike! If you fancy seeing even more of Donegal’s stunning scenery, you can cycle one of the short routes that lace their way through the tranquil green-drenched countryside. Or you can opt for the longer ones, such as the Donegal Cycle Route starting in Donegal Town or The North West Cycle Trail.

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And More Adventures...

If you’re looking for some more adventures to go on whilst you’re in Donegal, we’ve got you covered. Did you know that you can surf in Donegal? When the weather’s warm, it makes for the perfect surfing destination because Donegal’s beaches have excellent waves and breaks from summer to winter. You can either take lessons whilst you’re there or rent boards and enjoy the waves by yourself. If surfing’s not for you, a walk along Donegal’s coasts might be. Whether you prefer serious mountain hiking or a gentle traffic-free stroll along the shore, you will not be disappointed. Get some fresh air and discover the incredible landscape of the towering peaks the natural beauty of the coast with stunning peninsulas, rugged coastlines, and a host of golden beaches.

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