Codeshare with bmi Regional

Our codeshare enhances connectivity via Aberdeen – great news for those in the North Sea Energy industry. It also also facilitates convenient travel options from the Northern Isles to/from Bristol and Oslo.

About our codeshare with bmi Regional

Loganair code (LM), now applies to the following routes that are operated by our codeshare partner bmi regional:

  • Aberdeen-Oslo
  • Aberdeen-Ebsjerg
  • Aberdeen-Bristol

This means customers can now book travel for any of these routes at

  • Assured connections between these new routes and our existing routes
  • New leisure options between the Northern Isles and Oslo, Bristol and Esbjerg
  • Checked baggage to your final destination (where available)
  • The ability to book connecting journeys with bmi operated routes in one booking at
  • No need to re-check at the airport to make your connections

Example: You can now book travel from Sumburgh to Oslo, in one booking at with assured connections and no need to re-check luggage.

We are confident our codeshare partners will provide a level of service comparable with our own.

For bmi regional operated routes, you will receive a similar product offering for each of our fare products. For example; if you book Fly Flex +, you will still receive fast track security and lounge access at all airports where facilities are available.

Similarly for Fly customers, you will still receive your standard 20kg luggage allowance and complimentary in-flight service as you would expect.

You can book both point to point services between Aberdeen – Bristol, Esbjerg and Oslo, and also journeys including connections here at

We have kept things simple – when you book at for any of our code share routes, you will still be able to select Fly, Fly Flex or Fly Flex +. Thus you will still receive the same flexibility as you would usually expect in each of these fare products for all of your flights.

If you made your booking with Loganair, either via the website or the call centre – please contact us for any questions relating to your booking.

Unfortunately you cannot collect Clan Points on bmi regional operated flights.

Please check-in online at