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Loganair is a Scottish regional airline, serving 29 destinations across the UK, Republic of Ireland and Norway.

The airline carries a diverse mix of customers across its route network from business to leisure to visiting friends and family. It also provides exceptional connectivity beyond the United Kingdom through its hubs at Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester.

The fleet mix and type is required to deal with the challenging airfield environments i.e. short runways, Barra beach, and equally with the challenging weather conditions within Scotland. For example, the Saab 340 has an exceptionally good cross wind performance record over other aircraft types.

The aircraft capacity is also best suited to provide frequency, with most islands having a day return schedule.

Six of the Scottish routes served by Loganair are supported by external funding. The routes, namely Glasgow to Barra, Campbeltown, Tiree, Stornoway to Benbecula, Dundee to Stansted and the Inter Orkney Isles, are designated Public Service Obligation (PSO) routes. A PSO, one of only two state aid mechanisms within EU legislation for air services, is imposed on routes which are not commercially viable and are essential to counter the remoteness of the regions.

There is a range of fares, and the fare offering is dependent on many variables, not least the day of the week or time of the flight. The respective demand for these flights determines the availability of fares in the market. Loganair needs to manage the fare offering across all flights, with price in part influencing travel patterns, such that all customers can be offered a range of fares, and that Loganair ultimately gets the balance correct in terms of the overall route economics.

Founded in 1962 in Glasgow, it has flown under franchise agreements with both British Airways and Flybe, but will fly under its own brand from 1st September 2017.

Loganair has a fleet of 28 aircraft and operates five different types to meet the varied requirements of regional flying within the UK. The Saab 340, Dornier 328 and Saab 2000.

Loganair introduced the 50-seat Saab 2000 aircraft to its fleet in 2014 and it operates on core markets including Shetland/Aberdeen and Stornoway/Glasgow.


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Aviation in Scotland has a brave and pioneering heritage, and Loganair is proud to maintain a pioneering spirit…



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