Loganair, Scotland’s vital air link

Aviation in Scotland has a brave and pioneering heritage, and Loganair is proud to have played its part in that whilst looking firmly forward to the future.

Loganair began in 1962 as the air taxi service of the Logan Construction Company Ltd, operating a single Piper Aztec from Edinburgh. Almost immediately, it was apparent that there was a demand for scheduled services in addition to the primary role as an air taxi, and as such Loganair’s fleet grew.

As the network expanded to take in more remote islands and communities, Loganair’s scheduled network began to emerge. In 1967 Loganair mounted an inter-island scheduled network in Orkney and a similar network in Shetland commenced in 1970, and the strong association with these island communities continues today.

Between 1968 and 1983, the Loganair network, serving the Highlands and Islands, was assuming its now familiar shape. The growth was spurred by the rationalisation program that British Airways commenced in 1975 with the transfer of ‘thin’ routes to Loganair.

Grasping the opportunity, Loganair’s scheduled network grew, and Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles became served comprehensively from Glasgow and Edinburgh, and mainland routes were now firmly established.

After a 14 year franchise association with British Airways, Loganair forged a new franchise partnership Flybe, in July 2008. The long association with BA continued, via a codeshare arrangement, with Loganair’s flights marketed as connecting BA flights to London and beyond.

In 2014, the SAAB 2000 aircraft joined the fleet. The larger, faster 50 seat aircraft allowed Loganair to enter new markets.

From modest beginnings Loganair has developed into a regional commuter airline with a comprehensive network of scheduled services, and is now one of the longest established airlines in the United Kingdom. It is the continued support and enthusiasm of the people we serve which has given us the strength to expand, and is the foundation of our success.

Flying Solo once again…

Loganair now flies once again under its own name, after it started flying “solo” from 1st September 2017.

Now the airline offers a full-service, regional product, with transparency and inclusiveness at the forefront of the offering, alongside the introduction of a new loyalty programme “Clan Loganair”, to ensure customers are rewarded for their frequent travel.

As of July 2018, new jet aircraft are gradually being introduced to the fleet, to enhance the destination offering and to improve the customer experience.