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Checked Baggage

Your checked baggage allowance is dependent on the fare category you purchase for your itinerary

  • Plus All In passengers can carry up to 30kg in a single bag free of charge
  • Essentials Just Fly and Get More New Economy passengers can carry up to 20kg in a single bag free of charge

General Information re Checked Baggage
When you check-in, please ensure your baggage is secure, labelled with your name and destination address, and that old destination labels are removed. Do not pack medication, important documents, valuable items or cash in your checked baggage and please do not carry any unidentified baggage for other people as this is considered a security risk.

If you are connecting onto another flight, and are issued with transit boarding cards, your luggage will be checked through to your final destination. As there is no baggage security clearance at Barra passengers are required to collect their luggage at Glasgow and recheck-in for their onward flight.

For passengers connecting to Flybe services, not operated by Loganair, the luggage allowance is anything up to 40kgs however Flybe's own baggage charges for the carriage of luggage will apply for the onward flight.

For passengers connecting to a Flybe service with a Plus All In ticket the greater luggage allowance of 40kgs will apply. Please see www.flybe.com for details.

When passengers are connecting directly on to a British Airways service to London or beyond the luggage allowance will be 1 piece at 23kgs per person.

Cabin Baggage

  • Plus All In passengers can carry 1 bag up to 6kg free of charge plus a laptop
  • Essentials Just Fly and Get More New Economy passengers can carry 1 bag up to 6kg free of charge


General Information re Checked Baggage
In addition to the checked baggage allowance, you may carry personal items as cabin baggage. However, to ensure the safety and comfort for everyone on board, Loganair restricts the carry-on cabin baggage to one piece per passenger. The cabin baggage must be labelled at check-in, weigh under 6 kilos, and not exceed dimensions of 40cm x 35cm x 18cm i.e. to fit in an overhead bin or under your seat. On certain flights it may be necessary to put cabin baggage in the hold, and it will be returned to you at the bottom of the steps on arrival.

Loganair recommends passengers include important documents, cash, valuables, medication and laptops in their cabin baggage. Loganair recommends passengers do not carry items which are considered a security risk in their cabin baggage, for we cannot accept liability for items removed by airport security staff.
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Excess Baggage

If you have baggage in excess of your free allowance, it will only be accepted if space is available at a charge of £10. The maximum any 1 bag can weigh is 30kgs. Any additional pieces of luggage will be charged at £10.Charges may vary and will be applied at the prevailing rate when payment is made.

General Information re Excess Baggage
Payment for excess baggage can be made by credit card or cash. If you are planning to travel with excess baggage Loganair suggests you check in at least 20 minutes earlier than the recommended check-in time.
Excess Baggage will only be carried subject to space being available. If your excess baggage travels unaccompanied on another flight, you are responsible for collecting this upon its arrival at the final destination.

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Sports Equipment

If you are planning on taking your golf clubs, bicycle or other objects of unusual dimensions with you, please advise Flybe when you make your reservation on 0371 700 2000. It will only be accepted if space is available. Should space not be available, your equipment will be carried on the next available flight, again subject to space, and it is your responsibility to collect your equipment from the airport on arrival.

Golf Equipment

There is a fixed charge of £10 per sector for the carriage of golf clubs. This is included in the cost of the day away golf packages to Machrihanish.

Defined as one bag containing not more than 14 clubs, one dozen balls and one pair of golf shoes. There is a limit to the number of sets that can be carried on each aircraft. Please advise the reservations agent that you intend carrying your clubs as part of your baggage allowance.

Golf groups requiring more than the permitted amount of clubs on one flight (i.e. more than 8 sets) may arrange to take the clubs at least 24 hours in advance to the departing airport to be shipped prior to the group departing. In such cases, contact Loganair on Tel +44 (0) 141 842 7161.


There is a fixed charge of £10 per sector for the carriage of bicycles.

Loganair cannot carry bicycles on their Islander or Twin Otter aircraft. As only 2 bicycles can be carried on the Saab 340 and Saab 2000, please advise the reservations agent when making your booking that you intend to carry a bicycle.

When travelling with a bicycle, deflate both tyres, lower the handlebars and place them in line with the frame, and invert or remove the pedals. You should, of course, allow additional time to make these adjustments.


Loganair cannot accept surfboards on any of its aircraft.

Fishing Tackle

There is a fixed charge of £10 per sector for the carriage of fishing tackle.

Defined as one tackle box, haversack, angler's Basket and one rod bag or box. Tackle boxes must be carried in the hold, and under no circumstances will fishing Baskets containing live maggots be accepted for travel. Fishing rods may be accepted as cabin baggage.

Sporting Guns and Ammunition

There is a fixed charge of £10 per sector for the carriage of sporting guns..

Firearms and ammunition will only be accepted for carriage as checked baggage, and never as cabin baggage. Such firearms must be unloaded. When ammunition is carried, a written declaration must be made by the passenger, confirming that the ammunition is packed in a strong outside container, made of wood, metal or fibreboard, and that inside the container, the ammunition is protected against shock and secured against movement. The declaration must also confirm that no more than 5kg are contained in any one piece of checked baggage. Ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles is totally prohibited for carriage by air.

Scuba Diving Equipment

There is a fixed charge of £10 per sector for the carriage of scuba diving equipment.

Defined as an empty scuba air tank, air supply regulator and pressure gauge, air tank harness, face mask, pair of diving fins, snorkel, knife, speargun, air pistol and life jacket, any or all of which must be securely packed in one bag. Please always advise the reservations agent that you intend carrying scuba diving equipment.

Snow ski equipment

There is a fixed charge of £10 per sector for the carriage of ski equipment.

Defined as one pair of skis and ski poles, one pair of bindings and boots. Loganair can only accept snow skis on the Saab 340 aircraft.

Always seek advise from Flybe on 0371 700 2000, or contact Loganair direct on Tel +44 (0) 141 848 7594, if you have any questions on the carriage of sporting equipment. We will always try to accommodate your requirements.
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Exceptional items

An extra seat can be purchased for bulky or fragile items to carry in the cabin (except for a harp).

Celtic harps may be carried in the hold, providing the harpís dimensions do not exceed 1.25m x 0.25m x 0.85m, and it is packed in a suitable case. Only 1 celtic harp per flight may be carried. To book a celtic harp contact Loganair by email iainhunter@loganair.co.uk
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Dangerous Goods

The following should NEVER be packed in Baggage:

  • Explosives - fireworks, flares, toy guns and caps
  • Flammable and non flammable gas - aerosols (over 2kg or 2 litres), camping gas cylinders
  • Carbon dioxide cylinders - for soda siphons, lighter refills, butane gas cylinders, mace
  • Deeply refrigerated gases - liquid nitrogen
  • Flammable liquids - paints, thinners, solvents
  • Flammable solids - firelighters
  • Oxidising materials - bleaches
  • Organic pesticides - resin kits, poisons, arsenic, cyanide weed killer, tear gas
  • Infectious substances - viruses and bacteria
  • Radioactive materials - instruments containing radioactive source radioisotopes for research
  • Corrosive materials - acids, alkalis, metallic mercury, thermometers containing mercury, barometers
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Restricted Articles

Certain articles may be carried with special precautions. Always contact Loganair customer services department on Tel +44 (0) 141 848 7594 to authorise the carriage of goods, such as:

  • Sporting guns
  • Dry ice
  • Oxygen and carbon dioxide cylinders
  • Cardiac pacemakers
  • Wet-cell batteries
  • Munitions of war
  • Radio telephones
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Pets are welcome on Loganair's flights, though they will always be carried in the hold (only assistance dogs for the visually impaired are allowed in the cabin), and are only ever carried subject to space being available. Puppies must be at least 12 weeks old to travel.

Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs may be carried as accompanied baggage. The pet checks-in with you at the passenger terminal and rejoins you on arrival in the baggage hall at the destination airport. You are responsible for putting your pet in a suitably approved container, which will be accepted as an additional piece of luggage for which there will be a charge of £10.

You must have a correctly sized container to carry your pet otherwise Loganair will refuse travel for your pet. The following requirements must be met:

  1. The container must be large enough for the pet to stand up, turn around and lie down in a natural manner. Max container dimensions are L90cm x W70cm x H75cm to fit into the hold.
  2. The container must be strong enough to protect the pet during transport, be secure enough to contain it and have sufficient ventilation on all four sides.
  3. The door must be secured in such a manner that it will not open accidentally or your pet cannot open it during handling and transport.
  4. Your pet's nose and paws should not be able to fit through any ventilation opening or door mesh.
  5. The container must have a water pot and a food container accessible from outside.
  6. A maximum of two adult animals of comparable size up to 14kg each, which are used to cohabitation, may be shipped in the same container. Animals over that weight must travel independently.
  7. Animals up to 6 months old from the same litter up to a max of 3, may be shipped in the same container.
  8. Weaned puppies younger than 12 weeks must not be shipped due to possible dehyrdration effects in air transportation. Kittens, likewise, younger than 12 weeks must not be shipped.


Other animals / reptiles / fish

Loganair cannot accept rodents (ie guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats etc), rabbits, chickens, reptiles (ie snakes, turtles etc) as either carry-on or checked/accompanied baggage or cargo. Any special requests out with this should be made via Loganair call centre on 0344 800 2855 (Mon-Fri 0800-1800, Sat 0800-1200, Sun 1400-1800).

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Liability Limitations

Whilst Loganair and its service providers make every effort to ensure your luggage is handled with care, you should know Loganair's liability for loss, delay or damage to Baggage is limited unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges paid.

The extent of the airline's liability is based on the weight of the luggage and not its value.

Loganair does not accept liability for fragile, valuable, perishable articles or Baggage which is packed in damaged or unsuitable containers.

Loganair strongly recommends all passengers obtain adequate travel cover prior to their journey.

Under the Conditions of Carriage (on the reverse of the passenger coupon of your ticket or from your local Flybe / Loganair ticket office) we accept no liability for the loss of jewellery, other valuables and money contained in checked baggage. You are advised to keep valuables, important documents and money either on your person or in your cabin baggage.
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Damaged or Lost Luggage

Should you find that your baggage is damaged or has not arrived, please contact Loganair's ground handling staff immediately. Details of your Baggage will be taken and if applicable you will be authorised to purchase essential items. If your baggage has been delayed, arrangements will be made to have it delivered to your local address when it arrives.

In both situations, of either damaged or delayed baggage, liability could be reduced if baggage was presented for check-in unsuitably packed or after the recommended check-in time.

Refer to the Customer Relations section for details should you wish to make a claim.
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